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Hydrophobing agents

Hydrophobing agents are designed to make waterborne exterior paints hydrophobic. Used in silicone resin paints and plasters silicone resin emulsions like TEGO® Phobe 1659 is characterirized by an efficient reduction of the water absorption. Linear polysiloxanes like TEGO® Phobe 1409 lead to an excellent water beading effect on exterior coatings.
Reduced water uptake
Water-beading effect
Architectural coatings and plasters
Silicate emulsion paints and plasters
Wood coatings
Printing Inks
TEGO® Phobe 1401 N excellent beading effect 
TEGO® Phobe 1409 for eco-label compliant formulations, excellent beading effect 
TEGO® Phobe 1500 N outstanding beading effect 
TEGO® Phobe 1650 good early water-resistance 
TEGO® Phobe 1659 for ecolabel compliant formulations, low dirt-pick up 
TEGO® Phobe 6010   
TEGO® Phobe 6510 for impregnation of alkaline substrates 
TEGO® Phobe 6600 for impregnation of neutral to alkaline substrates 
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